Discovering Beauty

A Healthy Body Image


Complaining seems to be a part of many cultures, and it would seem that almost no one is happy with their body. They want to be taller or shorter, some of them would prefer different colored hair or eyes, and their fat or lack of it could be a personal issue. While many of these people are simply looking for something to complain about, others are seriously concerned about how they look. It might not seem to be a medical issue, but having a healthy body image can make a great deal of difference in a person’s overall fitness.

Looking in the mirror is something many people do before they face the world, but it can turn into a trial for those who do not care for the way they look. Their nose might seem too big, or they could feel their ears stick too far out from their head. These are minor ailments compared to those with limiting physical disabilities, but the psychological disabilities can be real.

Plastic surgeons have often been used to help people with disfiguring scars from accidents, but much of their work today is for people carrying a bad body image. It might appear to be unnecessary surgery, but the damage being done on the inside of a person is just as real as what is on the outside. Their lack of appreciation for how they look can keep them from being able to live a normal life.

Not all issues can be corrected with surgery, but it can be helpful to those who need to find a way to get past a bad feeling about how they look. Once they have the surgery, they might be more willing to go out and socialize. It could lead them away from a desperate search for something they do not need, and it could help them find a healthier life.