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Facial Beauty Options


Looking in the mirror first thing in the morning can ruin a person’s day before it has ever begun due to the focus on youth in today’s society, so modern medical procedures can change their entire life. For those who believe the hype that sixty is the new forty, wrinkles can be removed in many different ways. A surgical facelift used to be the only options, but there are now plenty of methods to remove wrinkles and prevent them.

Botox has become a popular way to stop wrinkles from forming on the face, and it is widely touted as a non-surgical facelift. The toxin in it actually freezes the area of the face where it is injected, and this is how it prevents wrinkles from forming. It is not a permanent solution to the problem, and it does have to be performed on a regular basis to keep the patient looking young and free of wrinkles.

Collagen loss is an issue that creates many of the facial wrinkles people see as signs of old age, and replacing it is a simple procedure today. A patient can have the procedure performed in the doctor’s office, and they will find the lines they do not want gone when they get home. This is a replacement procedure, and the doctor is simply filling in the wrinkles. The patient may need several treatments, and there are no guarantees that it is a permanent solution.

The look of wide open eyes has become part of what people believe makes them look younger, and drooping eyelids can be an issue for some of them. There are many causes other than natural aging, and lifting the eyelids is now a cosmetic procedure. It can generally be done on an out-patient basis, but it is generally only covered if there is an underlying medical issue.