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Medical Options for Weight Loss


Modern living often leaves people with little time to exercise or eat right, so it is difficult to maintain a good body weight. People with excess fat are always looking for a good way to get rid of it, and modern medical technology has come up with answers for them. While it might not be completely ideal to use them for losing weight that will stay off, it can be a good way to start the process. Liposuction used to be the only answer, but now there is cool sculpting that is a non-surgical technique for those who prefer fewer risks.

Liposuction has long been used to remove excess fat from areas of the body where it seems impossible to take it off, and there are now many surgeons versed in it. It has become a common operation, and the safety factors have increased dramatically. It can generally be done with no more than a day in the hospital, and there are clinics that do it as an out-patient operation. It removes the fat by literally sucking it out of the body, and there is only a small incision that will heal quickly.

The newest way to remove excess fat from the body is called cool sculpting, and it is performed with lasers. The area where the fat is to be removed is bathed in laser light, and it kills the fat cells just under the surface. It takes several weeks or months before the cells are gone, so the results are not as immediate as liposuction. The risks are reduced using this method because the patient is awake during the procedure, and it can be performed with little time loss to the patient.

Both of these are now standard options for removing excess fat, but they are never used to remove more than ten percent of the patient’s body weight. Those who need more fat removed will have to endure more operations, but it is much more likely their physicians will recommend diet and exercise.