Discovering Beauty

Removing Scars of the Past


Life can be difficult and dangerous, and many are the people reminded of this by the scars of old injuries. Some of them may have acquired them in a dangerous situation, but others could have old acne scars from the trial of surviving being a teenager. No matter where the come from, removing scars of the past can be a good way for a person to have a better body image. Many doctors specialising in dermatology and cosmetic surgery know how a person feels about their looks can create feelings of inadequacy and lead to depression, and they have the tools to help them alleviate this suffering.

Scar removal is often done with lasers today, but instant results are not part of the package. Abrasion is one of the more popular methods, and it can take months and many sessions before the appearance of a scar disappears. Many cosmetic procedures to remove scars simply create new scarring overlaying the old. Because it is medically induced and controlled, the new scar tissue does not have the same ugly appearance as the old.

Some lasers work by heating the skin underneath the outer layers, and they create collagen. As the body sheds its outer skin over time, the underlying layers that are rich in collagen will begin to appear. They will not have the same appearance as the original layers, and they will look healthier and feel smoother. Any scars will be diminished in this new skin, but it can take many treatments using this method.

Scars in earlier human cultures might have been a mark of survival, but scars today are looked upon as ugly. For those suffering with them, their body image may be negative. Scar removal can help change that image into a positive one, and many cosmetic surgeons are now armed with the tools to help.